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No food is an actual junk food. Imagine this- a day in the college and a last minute assignment. From nowhere the clock strikes 5 pm. So before returning back you decide to fill your empty stomach with a burger. Now tell me, A burger which added your satiation is healthy or junk?

Their is a thin line between what we think as junk or the one we think as healthy. Another question I frequently ask that why isn’t a sandwich at subway’s as equally unhealthy like a burger at Mcd.
I am sure you probably answered subway is healthy and why would you. Its slogan means ‘eat fresh’ isn’t it? In terms of calories, there is no difference between the two restaurants.
On average, a Mc veggie is 360 calories at McDonald’s and 370 calories at Subway. The food we consider “healthy,” we tend to eat more which add unintentional calories.
But Drinks, fries, chips add more at Mcd then a sandwich at sub itself which makes 1,034 kcal at Mcd and 955 kcal at subway. In the terms of protein and sugar, subway is slightly healthier than Mcd.
When you order wheat bread at Subway, you aren’t really getting whole-wheat bread. It’s enriched. This means that the wheat stalk has been removed and processed, making it much cheaper to mass produce and same as white bread. The benefit of eating whole wheat and other whole grains is that you receive a steady stream of energy, released over time and sustaining you until the next time you eat. White, enriched, or processed bread causes your blood sugar level to spike, giving you a quick burst of energy followed by crash. At the end we top it with meat, veggies, and oils, which help to even out the spike in blood sugar (especially the proteins). Even so, this doesn’t excuse the fact that Subway doesn’t offer healthy bread to its customers.

when talking about weight maintenance and weight loss, total calories are more significant and there is a high likelihood that consuming these meals would lead to an overconsumption of calories for the day. A sub or a Mcd burger made properly is okay to be consumed.

No matter where you eat, take the time and respect your body enough to find out exactly what you’re getting!


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