10 reasons to use Flax seeds 

Fortunately, I came across an article by NDTV talking about flax seed and how it helps in growing up of hair. 
 Flax seeds or ‘alsi seeds’ are a natural and diet-friendly product which is available in raw, supplement tablets, ground and oil forms. 

If it’s still not convincing enough to use them. Here are some of the other reasons why I decided to open the lid of the container.

  • Hypertension- For indian population, normal blood range is 120/80. With flax seed oil consumption according to a Greek study, a significant drop was seen. If you have family with cases of hypertension. Then better be cautious than sorry later. 
  • Reduce skin cancer.
  • Reduce risk of breast cancer.
  • Enhance the inner beauty. (I like the sound of it.) 
  • Reduce depression- it works as anti depressants and helps patients with significant depression levels also suffering from lower levels of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentanoic acids— helps in reducing depression. 
  • Cholesterol/Have ability to reduce risk of high cholesterol. It’s a best free medicine way of reducing the chances of high cholesterol. 
  • Fibre: with all are effort with increasing the intake of protein. We tend to forget fibre. Flax seed are a good source of fibre, aid in digestion, prevent constipation and helps in suppressing hunger.
  • Other nutrients would include protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid), lignin and mucilage.

4. Regular consumption of flax seeds is good for skin, cancer prevention and facilitate weight-loss.
  • Flax seeds are great for women’s health. The lignans present in them help in battling high levels of estrogen and help in maintaining balanced hormonal levels. 
  • Helps in balancing the imbalanced hormones in women. It also reduce the menopausal symptoms and irregular periods. 

8. They are also associated with reducing hypertension.

9. They are low in LDL (lipo-protein) or bad cholesterol.

The article also takes about how to consume it. It says flax seeds, when not chewed properly, can go undigested, flushed out your system. So it is Better to Ground or milled it, in that case, make a better choice. Also it can be added in batter and mixed with anything baked for example cookies, priories rotors and even at the top of shakes. Also the oil could be substituted with flax oil. 


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